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On the second Saturday of each month, volunteers from all over the greater Phoenix area mobilize to serve local Christ-centered non-profit organizations operating on a shoestring budget. Through various serve opportunities individuals, friend and families participate in several social justice outreaches around Phoenix. Meet up location is in the Garfield district in Downtown Phoenix, 1017 N 13th Street. Event runs from 9am-12pm. 


Christmas in Garfield

In partnership with over 25 churches, businesses and Garfield Elementary School, Christmas in Garfield shares the good news of Christ’s birth with over a thousand kids and several hundred parents in the Garfield neighborhood. Providing a new gift for each child, bibles, entertainment, a car club, bounce houses and a giant human snow globe, this Christmas event is the largest organized event in the neighborhood each year. Last year over 200 volunteers came from 20 different churches from around the valley to show what Christmas was all about, Christ’s endless love for each of them!

The reason

Easter in garfield

Think Pokemon GO mixed with a lot of pastels and plastic eggs. This neighborhood collaboration modernizes the classic Easter egg hunt by taking the hunt on the GO by turning an entire neighborhood into a hunt for candy. Tens of thousands of eggs will be hidden at multiple locations at various Garfield landmarks in Downtown Phoenix.