About Aim Right Ministries

Aim Right intentionally enters the lives of the youth and families of downtown Phoenix in order to reveal God in their daily lives. As God reveals himself to communities, they gain new hope and break negative cycles.

Justa Center

About Justa Center

A day resource center for seniors age 55 and older who are homeless in the metro Phoenix region. Justa Center is the nation’s only day-center focused on providing services that help the seniors on their journey out of homelessness. 

Hope Response

About Hope Response

HOPE Response, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a local and global reach that trains any individual as a Hope Responder. They reach out with a compassionate response to the whole person. A Hope Responder seeks to help heal the heart, home, human experience and gatherings of those suffering.

Jumpstart Ministries

About Jumpstart Ministries

Since 1999 they have been taking Sunday School to the streets, providing the good news of the Gospel as well as backpacks and Christmas presents for children and teens, performing hospital visits, praying for children, attending their birthday parties, holding them when they cry and celebrating with them as they succeed.

Harvest Compassion Center

About Harvest Compassion Centers

Since 2011, Harvest Compassion Centers have fed over 150,000 individuals. HCC’s ‘Food Banking Reimagined’ concept ensures that our one-stop shopping centers are different from other food and clothing assistance programs. Each location is a fun mini-mart and clothing boutique, with a play corner just for kids.

Meet up location at 1017 N 13th St in Central Phoenix